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I've been asked up update my web site by family
and friends, so here it is.  The last attempt was
for a very loose and custom look.  This time I
decided to try for a more commercial style.  What
do you think?  
If this is your first visit to, you can get
to almost any page on the site by using the pull-
down menus at the top of the page,  or you can
start browsing by clicking on some of the links
within the text and columns left and right.
My site has a little about me and photos of
myself, family and friends that I have taken over
the years.   There are more photos on the trips
page.   If you want to know more about me, I've
included a favorites page about myself and a
page with my favorite recording artists, movies,
links an recent books I've read.
If you care to listen to my latest rants, click on the
opinions page (if you dare).
Finally, if you would like to know more about how
my site was built, then please click on the Credits
menu item above.   There you will find a list of
software, tools and links to the web sites where
you can purchase them.
Our local hockey team!  
Visit their web site.
Go Ice Rays!!
To keep the spambots from capturing
my address and sending me more junk
than I already get, my address is listed
in the graphic below.  You may click on
it to launch your default mail program.
Special Thanks To:
My many friends who have
helped me with ideas and
recommendations for
software and graphics,
especially my very dear
friend Louella.
My friend Libby, who sends
me so many Thoughts of
the Day and the best humor
on the web.
My friend Ayhoka,
who has introduced me to
Native American culture
and who keeps me up-to-
date about her extremely
caring family.
All my other friends who I've
met on the web who have
stuck by me over the years. 
You know who you are. 
Thanks for putting up with
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